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Temporarily increased savings rate

At MeDirect, you could already benefit from a high savings rate of 3.17%. But we are happy to add to that. We will pay 3.75% annual savings interest on all new or additional savings until 31 March.

The benefits of saving with MeDirect.

Secure saving

Savings are guaranteed up to €100.000 at MeDirect, according to the Depositor Compensation Scheme. Your money is safe.

High return

Unlike many of our competitors, we pay out interest twice a year, making the full-year interest rate as high as 3.20% (effective rate).

Completely free

Free is really free at MeDirect. Opening an account costs nothing and you can deposit and withdraw savings at no cost.

No restrictions

Deposit money or withdraw without restrictions. No min. or max. required amount and you can withdraw as frequently as you want.

Tariffs MeSave

Opening account


Interest rate


Depositing and withdrawing


Why MeDirect?

Whether you save, invest or entrust your investments with us, your money is in safe hands. We don’t apply hidden fees and make sure you know exactly what happens to your finances. We have 10 years of experience in doing so. 

Our customers have

€4,5 billion

entrusted to us


Start investing

Want to get even more return on your assets? Investing may be the answer. At MeDirect, you decide whether you want to invest yourself or leave the difficult choices up to our experts.

Whether you save or invest, our app puts you in full control of your finances.

It lets you withdraw money, buy and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs and funds, and view your portfolio in detail.

Anywhere, anytime.

Frequently asked questions

How much money can I transfer per day?

Transfers between your own MeDirect accounts have no limit.

For security reasons, outgoing payments are subject to limitations. These are as follows:

Through the online platform
Outgoing transfers are limited to €40,000 per business day, per customer.

Through the app:
- Outgoing transfers are limited to €15,000 per business day, per customer when the beneficiary is already in the address book for more than 7 days.
- Outgoing transfers to beneficiaries added through the app are limited to €5,000 per business day, per customer for the first 7 days after the beneficiary is added.

If you wish to transfer an amount larger than €40,000 within one day, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

These limits are reset every business day at midnight.

Are there any charges for opening and managing a savings account?

MeDirect does not charge a fee when you open and manage an account. For more information about our fees, please see our Tariffs & Charges overview.

Is MeDirect offering a Savings Account?

Yes, at MeDirect you can open a MeSave savings account easily and quickly. This savings account offers a high interest rate so you can safely grow your money when you don't want to invest (for a while). You can read more about our savings account at www.medirect.nl/en/mesave.

How is interest calculated and deposited on my account?

The MeSave savings account is a regular savings account with a variable interest rate. Check www.medirect.nl/en/mesave for the current interest rate. Interest is calculated on a daily basis and paid twice a year on the last business day of June and December. Interest is added to your savings account.

What conditions apply to MeSave?

At MeDirect, we don't like fine print. So there are no additional conditions such as a minimum or maximum balance on your account. There are also no restrictions on the number of deposits and withdrawals you can make. Saving is simple and we like to keep it that way. The conditions of our savings account can be found on our 'Conditions & documents'.

Are my savings secure with MeDirect?

MeDirect participates in the Maltese Depositor Compensation Scheme (DGS). This means that your money is guaranteed up to EUR 100,000 per person by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority). You can find more information on this subject on our 'Conditions & documents' page.

Can I freely deposit and withdraw money into my MeSave savings account?

Yes, saving is easy and we want to keep it that way. You can make unlimited deposits and withdrawals via our mobile app or the online platform. You can easily set up periodic transfers as well.

Helpful answers

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