Security at MeDirect

Scams and other cyber security risks are on the rise, and one must be cautious and aware on how to identify them. For this reason, it is very important that one stops, looks and thinks before proceeding. Below, one can find some tips on how to be more secure while surfing the internet or using portable devices.

Common traits of phishing:

Avoid phishing by:

Have you received a suspicious email or SMS?

If you received a suspicious email, SMS or phone call claiming to be from MeDirect:

Contact us on 030 – 203 59 00. We use your information to tackle financial fraud.

Tips for safer banking

Update software

Always update your operating system and applications when the vendors release any fixes or enhancements. Also, only use applications available on your device’s official store.


Never Reveal Personal Information

MeDirect will never ask you for password or pin. Do not divulge any details of your password to anyone. When possible, always use multi factor authentication.

Install an anti-virus software

Virus protection software is critical to keeping your personal computer and your online banking safe. Install and regularly update anti-virus and firewall protection on your computer. Scan your computer often.


Backup your device

Make sure your personal computer is backed up. There are numerous cloud options available. If your device is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to recover your data.


Be cautious with downloads

Do not download software from unknown or untrusted websites unless you are sure they are safe.


Lock your device

Make sure that your device has a secure password and never leave the device unlocked when unattended. Use biometrics like fingerprint and faceID when available.


Avoid using public Wi-Fi​

Be cautious when using public WIFI. Do not browse to any sensitive websites such as banking over a public WIFI, unless you are sure it is a secure network.