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Whether or not you are familiar with the world of saving or investing, that doesn’t matter to us. MeDirect ensures that you have everything you need to put your money to work – safely, easily and just the way you want.

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Why MeDirect?

Whether you let us manage your money or invest by yourself, we work together with the best partners in the market. We do not have hidden costs and ensure that you know exactly what happens to your money. 

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We work with the best partners in the market

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Invest sustainably

At MeDirect, we think it is important that you can invest in a way that is good for yourself and for the environment. We like to tell you more about sustainable investing.

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This allows you to withdraw money, buy and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs and funds, and view your portfolio in detail – anytime, anywhere.

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(min. €3 or €4, varying by stock exchange)



(min. €3 or €4, varying by stock exchange)

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