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Whether or not you are familiar with the investment world, that does not matter to us. MeDirect ensures that you have everything you need to put your money to work – safely, easily and just the way you want.

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We want you to feel good about investing. Open an account with MeDirect now and receive 1 year of free access to the investment training course and live webinars offered by Markets are Everywhere (worth €149). This way, you get the opportunity to gain more knowledge and make your choices with confidence.

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Why MeDirect?

Whether you let us manage your money or invest by yourself, we work together with the best partners in the market. We do not have hidden costs and ensure that you know exactly what happens to your money. 

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We work with the best partners in the market

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A well-thought-out investment with only a few steps. We speak a language that you can easily understand, without complicated jargon. You only have to let us know which risk profile suits you.

This service is available with a minimum deposit of only €2,000.

I invest on my own

Choose from the very wide range of bonds, ETFs, equities or funds! Make sure that your investment portfolio matches the goals you have set and also matches the risk you are willing to take.

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The sooner you start to invest your way, the better. Make your own choices and discover the investing style that suits you best. 

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In our app you can buy and sell equities, bonds, ETFs and funds and monitor your portfolio. In addition, the real-time prices ensure that you stay well informed about your investments and the market. 

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Good for the people and the environment

At MeDirect, we think it is important that you can invest in a way that is good for yourself and for the environment. We like to tell you more about sustainable investing.

Short overview of investment costs

ETFs and Funds Equities Bonds


0,10% (min. €3 or €4*)
0,10% (min.€10*)
Servicefee 0,30% per year (VAT n.a.)
MeManaged Management fee 0,85% per year excl. VAT

* MeSolo: for equities and bonds, the minimum transaction costs depend on the respective stock exchange. View all our tariffs and charges for a complete overview.