Investing, a wise choice?

Investment is subject to risk. However, the returns generally far exceed the interest you would earn on money kept in a savings account. And yet, you might be unsure if it is something for you. Here are the main reasons to start investing.

Why should you start to invest?

Building up wealth

Saving money typically results in you earning a lower return than you would by investing the money. In contrast, investing gives you the opportunity to earn a higher return, but you take on the risk of loss in order to do so. When investing, it is important that you persevere and remain patient through the ups and downs. You must be willing to hold onto your investment for the long haul.

Stay ahead of inflation

Good times don’t last, but nor do the bad times. You can try to beat inflation by building up a diversified portfolio of ETFs or mutual funds.

This strategy is recommended by professional investors and financial planners. 

Invest in what is important to you

Do you have a brand that you love and want to support, or do you prefer investing in sustainable companies?

An advantage of investing is that you can choose where you put your money.

With our detailed search function, you can easily find your favourite investments or look for the most sustainable ETFs.

How do you build a portfolio?

Getting started in investing can be tricky. In this video you’ll find some tips on how to get started with investing. We explain about diversification and how to smartly, monthly build your portfolio.

Interested in learning more about how to start investing smartly? On our blog and tips page, you’ll find a plethora of tips and suggestions on various topics. Ranging from smart investing to managing your finances effectively and much more.

What do you dream of? Research shows that you have a much better chance of financial success if you have a clear, specific goal in mind. Such a concrete goal helps to make your wishes come true.

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