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My time is important in life and in investing

You like to have choices, but making investment decisions is not for you? Your time is precious, and you prefer to spend it on other things then investing? Experts taking investment decisions on your behalf will free up your time and offer you the serenity of investing professionally. You can choose from a selection of different risk profiles.

We will make investing easy for you

A well-considered investment with only a few steps. We speak in a language that you can easily understand, without complex terminology.


Our MeManaged services are accessible to you from €2,000. Deposit or withdraw money or even monitor your portfolio through the app, or through our website. Our app is available for iOS in the App Store and Android in the Play Store.


The world of investing is at your fingertips!

Our costs

We want to keep investing as simple as possible. This is also reflected in our costs. For MeManaged, we charge a management fee of 0.95% per year (including VAT). This covers all of our services.


More info about costs and tariffs

Wealth Management from €2,000!

There is no need to be a millionaire to benefit from portfolio management services by our experts. MeManaged is a completely digital solution, accessible from €2,000. Build a portfolio as you see fit. You can choose from a selection of different risk profiles. It is also possible to add monthly contributions, starting from €100.

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What is portfolio management?

We would like to explain to you what asset management is. How does it work? What are the benefits? Our Product Manager, Erik explains the details of this investment solution for you.

Entrust your investments with our experts

We make the difficult decisions for you
Through MeManaged – a discretionary portfolio management service – you benefit from the expertise of BlackRock’s and iShares investment solutions. By combining active management with passive ETFs, you will benefit from a cost-efficient solution for your investments.


What about diversification?
No need to worry, we’ll manage diversification for you. Your portfolio is exposed to equities and bonds across many different regions and sectors. By using low-cost ETFs, we can create a well-diversified portfolio without ratcheting up the costs on what you make.

We’ll keep you informed

You can track the performance of your investment via our app or digital platform anytime, anywhere. In addition, we will keep you posted on the changes we make, and we’ll keep you up-to-date with market developments.


Opt for MeManaged and entrust your money to our experts. They will take care of your portfolio on a daily basis. Consult your portfolio at any time via our easy-to-use mobile app.