Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing is investing with more than just profit as a goal. With sustainable investing, you have another goal in mind: acting in favour of people and the environment.

Sustainable investing at MeDirect

At MeDirect, we think it is important that you can invest in a way that is good for yourself and for the environment. We are convinced that sustainable investing does not perform any worse than traditional investing. We will go even further and say that a lot of studies have shown that the profit made with sustainable investing can be higher than traditional investing.

We are taking the necessary steps to make sure you can invest as sustainably as you would like. Your money, your way!

Legislation is on its way

In today’s age, there is still a lot of confusion about what sustainable investing means exactly. Therefore, the European Union is currently introducing legislation around sustainable investing, called the “Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation” (SFDR). This legislation defines what sustainable investing means for the financial sector and how this should be communicated to investors. The legislation is still under development as we speak. One of the well-known proposals of the SFDR legislation is the categorisation of sustainable investment products under Article 6, Article 8 and Article 9.

Avoiding what is bad - exclusion

There are differente levels of sustainable investing. You can choose to not invest in companies that are bad for the environment and for people. This is called exclusion. You do not contribute directly to good initiatives, but you do exclude the bad ones. Think for example about excluding producers of fossil fuels. These investments are also known as Article 8 investment products.

Good for the people and the environment – inclusion

If you would like to take things one step further, you can choose inclusion. This means that you only invest in companies that are positively contributing towards the environment and people. Think for example about investing in sustainable energy. These investments are known as Article 9 investment products.

Information around the Articles

Article 6

These investments do not have any sustainability criteria.

Article 8

Bad investments are excluded. The main goal is still to make profit, but with as few negative repercussions on the environment or people as possible.

Article 9

These investments have clearly defined sustainability criteria and follow the inclusion principle. Sustainability goals have the upper hand. Making a profit often comes second. 

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Sustainability at MeDirect

As the world confronts challenges on many levels, MeDirect continues to make every possible effort to play a positive role in the communities in which we operate. Whether it is protecting our environment, promoting diversity and inclusion, helping those who are vulnerable, or providing financial literacy education, our aim is to promote sustainability within our operations and in society.