Below you can find the mostly frequently asked questions. We have split them up in categories to help you find the answer you are looking for. 

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Who is MeDirect?

Who are the shareholders of MeDirect?

What is the background of MeDirect?

Where is MeDirect from?

How to become a client

Why do I need to disclose whether I, or any of my relatives, hold public office?

Why do I need to disclose whether I am a US citizen, US resident alien of US tax resident?

Can I open a joint account?

What are the requirements to open an account?


Can I transfer my payment account to MeDirect?

How can I deposit funds in my account?

How do I change beneficiaries?

How is the currency exchange rate determined?

Can I move money between different currencies?

Can I instruct recurrent future dated payments between my MeDirect accounts?

How can I close an account?


How are my savings protected?

What does MeDirect do to guarantee the security of online banking?

What can I do to guarantee the security of online banking?

How are my investments protected if something happens to MeDirect?


Who shall I contact if I have a complaint?


Can I change the amount of the monthly contribution?

Can I add an additional amount to my MeManaged Portfolio?

Can I withdraw an amount from my MeManaged Portfolio?

Can I sell my MeManaged Portfolio in one go?

Investment orders

What order types are available?

Can I settle a trade with a different currency than the currency of denomination of the security?

Are the prices quoted real time?

How do I place an order?

Can I request to add an equity or a tracker to the universe of tradable securities of MeDirect?

Mobile App

What shall I do if my mobile is stolen?

What must I do if I change or lose my mobile device?

How many devices can I pair the app with?

Corporate actions

Can I attend and/or vote at a company meeting?

How do I receive new shares or rights arising from a corporate action?

Are there certain corporate actions not offered by MeDirect?

How do I provide MeDirect with my instruction?

Why is the MeDirect deadline for corporate actions earlier than the company registrar deadline?

Can MeDirect advise me on which option I should take?

What happens if I miss the deadline for returning my choice of option?

What is the difference between a mandatory and a voluntary corporate action?

Transfer of assets to MeDirect

What are the steps for transferring my portfolio?

Privacy & GDPR

Protection of your personal data

What measures does MeDirect take to be in line with this legislation?

What does GDPR imply?