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    Want to file a complaint?

    We are sorry to hear that and would like to help you resolve it. You can hand in a complaint by phone on 030 – 203 59 00. Our colleagues will help you resolve the complaint as soon as possible.

    If you wish to send an e-mail, you can send it at: [email protected] or fill in the above form. If we cannot resolve your complaint quickly, our team of experts will get to work. You will receive a confirmation of your complaint within 5 business days.

    Are you are not satisfied with how your complaint was dealt with, you can appeal within 6 weeks by submitting an email to the management of MeDirect, also through:  [email protected]
    To be able to solve your complaint correctly, we ask you to include the following information in your message to us:

    1.Description of the complaint and why you do not agree with MeDirect’s solution.

    2. Your full name, address, phone number and account number at MeDirect.

    Have you gone through MeDirect’s complaint procedure and are still not satisfied with the outcome? You can submit your complaint to the Kifid. For more information, please visit www.kifid.nl. Or, you can choose to contact the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services in Malta.