About investing

Planning to invest? The earlier you invest your money your way, the better. Make your own choices and find out all about investing at MeDirect. We’d love to help you!

Is investing a smart decision?

You’ve probably heard it too many times before: investing is a smart and effective method to build capital over the long term.  
We think so too! Anyone can invest and it tends to offer you the opportunity to earn higher rates of return than you would with a regular savings account.

Is investing risky?

Let’s be clear: investing is always subject to risk.

We do not want to hide this fact from you. There is a potential risk that you could lose the money you invested. What is more likely is that if you take a loss, it is limited to a portion of your portfolio.

Misconceptions about investing

‘It is too complicated! I don’t have time for it!’ These, and other misconceptions can make you a bit nervous. Or maybe you have had a bad experience with investing? We’ve debunked some of the biggest misconceptions about the topic to ease your mind.

Invest with a specific goal in mind

What are you dreaming of? It has been proven that if you have a clear, specific goal in mind, the chances of success can be much higher. This goal could also help you make your dream come true.

Free investment course

Open an investment account with MeDirect now and receive a free investment course worth €199. We want you to feel good about investing. That is why we offer you this course. This way, you get the opportunity to gain more knowledge and make your choices with confidence.

Invest sustainably

At MeDirect, we think it is important that you can invest in a way that is good for yourself and for the environment. We like to tell you more about sustainable investing.

All in one app

Our app puts you in full control of your finances.


This allows you to withdraw money, buy and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs and funds, and view your portfolio in detail – anytime, anywhere.

Invest sustainably

At MeDirect, you invest your money the way you see fit. We gladly help you do this in the best way possible for yourself and for the world around you. We will therefore be happy to tell you more about sustainable investing with MeDirect.

All in one app

The world of savings and investments at your fingertips. Through our app you can easily deposit money into your account, or invest in your MeManaged portfolio. You can view your accounts in detail, anywhere, anytime.

Why MeDirect?

We work together with the best partners in the market. We do not have hidden costs and ensure that you know exactly what happens to your money. 


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We work with the best partners in the market

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