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Who are we?

Putting your money at work can be quite complicated. That is why we make your money work for you—on your own terms.


MeDirect strives to empower you to navigate the world of saving and investment with confidence. We give you the tools to manage your money your way, no matter the amount of zeros in your account.


MeDirect is under the supervision of the ECB and the MFSA. Your deposits are guaranteed by the Deposit guarantee scheme.


Together with our colleagues, we already help more than 114,000 customers across Europe. We work together with the best partners in the world to offer you a wide range of ETF’s, funds, equities and bonds. This means we are the place for your investments. You can make the choices that suit your style, your values and your preferences.


Your money, your way.

MeDirect in short


European bank

MeDirect is a European bank, licenced in Malta, that offers banking, savings and investment products with the aim of allowing everybody to have optimal returns on their money


Regulated by the MFSA and ECB

MeDirect is under supervision of the MFSA and the ECB . We have a banking license and an investment service license. We are affiliated to the Kifid, the FBA, the DSI Foundation and Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services in Malta.

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Access whenever & wherever

The world of saving and investing at your fingertips. Through our app, you can save money, but also buy and sell equities, bonds, ETFs and funds, manage and monitor your portfolio in detail. The real time rates allow you to track the performance of your investments.


Guaranteed deposits

Your deposits are guaranteed up to €100,000 per person, according to the guaranteed deposit framework.

Key data

Data on 31st December  2022    

+ 100000
customers across Europe
+ 0 billion euro
entrusted to us
+ 0
financial products
total capital ratio
0 %
core captial ratio
0 %
leverage rate

Who is MeDirect?

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What do we value

Superior products

Whether you manage your money by yourself or let us do it for you, we work with the best partners in the market to offer you the best products.


No hidden costs or fees. We make sure that you know exactly what happens with your money and how much it costs to make it grow.

Clear language

You want to make money, not study jargon. To make it clear for you, we communicate as simply as possible.


We do not make our financial products ourselves. Instead, we work together with the best partners in the market.

Start to invest

The sooner you manage your money your way, the faster you can get some returns. Make your own choices and discover what feels good to you. Apply and open an account in only a few steps.

Sustainability at MeDirect

As the world confronts challenges on many levels, MeDirect continues to make every possible effort to play a positive role in the communities in which we operate. Whether it is protecting our environment, promoting diversity and inclusion, helping those who are vulnerable, or providing financial literacy education, our aim is to promote sustainability within our operations and in society.